Guide Sam the optimistic hedgehog by changing the seasons.

A short puzzle-platformer in which you change the world around the character.

Each transition of season bring or take something.


How to play :  With only one button

PC :

Tap Z (Alt or J) to change the seasons.

Restart a level : Enter (Return)

Game Boy :

Tap A to change the seasons.

Restart a level : Start


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Credits :

Making the game (concept, level design, art...) : allalonegamez

Music : sloopygoop

Thanks for playing!

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withMilkyTracker, GB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
Tagsanalogue-pocket, Cute, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, gbstudio, one-button, Puzzle-Platformer, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


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Sam the optimistic hedgehog (Only For GBC).gb 256 kB
Sam the optimistic hedgehog.pocket


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Hello, what is your policy regarding youtube videos being made playing your games?


You're great at coming up with clever game mechanics and varied puzzles to use them

A little too easy, but very lovely!

Deleted 272 days ago

But it will be a waste if you change those existing maps, but you could make something like "choose experience" and you can select these maps (easy) or new (intermediate) maybe? That's only a sugesstion. Anyway, I really enjoyed!

Deleted 272 days ago

You could add harder levels to the end of the game too


Really cool mechanic! The art is really good too. I just think that showing a 'queue' for the seasons you're going to get next will make this a bit more player friendly.

Finally got around to playing this. :) Nice puzzle game with cool mechanic! Also love the music.

Deleted 272 days ago

Played it emulated on my PS Vita and loved it!
Really really  fun little bedtime game!

Deleted 272 days ago

This game is incredible and very original! And the music is great too!

Deleted 272 days ago

Really cute game and the idea was well executed! The music is very catchy too

Deleted 272 days ago
(1 edit)

this was a very enjoyable game. Only critique I’d give is I would’ve enjoyed the hedgehog’s movement time to be reduced with the hold of a button or something for the hedgehog to move through the levels in some areas. Otherwise it was super fun

Deleted 272 days ago
(1 edit)

Amazing game! Good gameplay idea, good incorporation of the theme, cute graphics, cute story, good music, everything's so good and it even runs on Game Boy!

Deleted 272 days ago

Hahaha! An excellent idea! Funny witty little game! <3 Ahh, love it!

Deleted 272 days ago

What a lovely game! I'm a galsses-dependent myself and can totally relate to Mr. Hedgehog. Also, I always enjoy your brilliant mechanics!

Deleted 272 days ago

Thanks! Same goes for you too!


This is a very cute yet fun game!

Deleted 272 days ago

Gotta respect going with a one button game and pulling it off. I can imagine a full version with a shifting color palette as the seasons change, maybe it could make for a relaxing natural aesthetic type game?

Deleted 272 days ago

Fun cool game

Deleted 272 days ago

Nice game. You make some really neat little puzzlers

Deleted 272 days ago

Cute game, reminds me of Mario & Wario

Deleted 272 days ago

A great little game. I love Sam the Optimistic Hedgehog. Some of the levels require some fast finger work though.

Deleted 272 days ago

I really like the idea and the graphics are nice and showy. imaginative.

Deleted 272 days ago

Hi. Thanks so much for the mention, I don't use Twitter, nice to see it. :) Hi.