A short platformer.

Made for the 20 Second Game Jam.

20 seconds to reach the goal.

ActionKeyboardGame Boy
MoveArrow Keys or WASDD-Pad
JumpAlt, Z or JA
Restart the levelEnter (Return)Start
Stop the timerShiftSelect

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Credits :

Making the game (concept, level design, art...) : allalonegamez

Music : sloopygoop

Thanks for playing!

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Thank you in advance.


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A 20 second platformer (Only For GBC) (V 1.1).gb 128 kB
A 20 second platformer (V 1.1).pocket 128 kB
A 20 second platformer (Only For GBC).gb 128 kB
A 20 second platformer.pocket 128 kB

Development log


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Got the cake in 5th attempt :) Like the sounds and aesthetics. Good job




I won!

OMG, I love the aesthetics in this game so much! 😍🐻

Deleted 272 days ago

Great game! I had a lot of fun playing it and the sfx, music and animations are awesome. Good job!


Fun! Nice game :)


wow cant believe this was made in GB Studio I didn't realize they updated the color palette so much. Overall great game! Lol I though the reaching the bear was the final goal only to realize I had to go a little higher


they didn’t update the color palette. All Alone Games just chose really good colors!

Deleted 272 days ago

After more than 30 attempts I was ready to accept I wouldn't make it to the end, but just now I've finally done it and it's wonderful. The palette is damn cute, the music is so calming and I believe this is the perfect game to play all along during Christmas. Congrats! (Also, yeey, a huge teddy bear!)

Deleted 272 days ago

Yay, I won! Was this made in GB Studio? That platforming feels really good, and I like your main character's design. Also the color palette looks really good!

Deleted 272 days ago

Cool game here's a speedrun

Deleted 272 days ago

This is a nice 20 second Game Jam Entry, I love the colourful sprites and the fact that when I had a climbing/jumping pattern and was making good progress I'd always come across a clown or spike!

Deleted 272 days ago

Okay, I couldn't even complete the first level, but I really like this game. The graphics are cute, the music is fine, the idea is nice. Congratulations. Vote for the best.

Deleted 272 days ago