DEISANEBE (DEath IS A NEw BEginning)

You can play the game in your gameboy (you can download the rom) or on this page.

On Gameboy, press select to skip a level.


How to play

PC :

Move  :  Arrow Keys (or WASD)

Next text or push an obstacle : Z (Alt or J)

Restart a level : Enter (Return)

Skip a level : shift


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Thanks for playing!

Credits :

Making the game (concept, level design, art...) : allalonegamez

Music : beatscribe

A puzzle game made in 6 days.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withMilkyTracker, GB Studio, Aseprite, Tiled
Tags8-Bit, analogue-pocket, game-boy, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, gbstudio, logic, Retro, Sokoban


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Deisanebe (Only For GBC).gb 256 kB
Deisanebe.pocket 256 kB


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Nice game. Some advice from another GB Studio dev, the web build will give mobile players virtual buttons so don't say press z to push or anything but instead say press A. This may also confuse people playing with custom controls on an emulator. The web build is supported by all platforms and yes, including Xbox web browser.

I included Deisanebe (what a name) as part of a puzzle game compilation @ 9:04.

Nice use of the jam theming.

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I didn't expect the ending. Love it.

Deleted 271 days ago

you have to die to progress, that's such a good concept! I don't like maze games too much but I made an effort just because I loved the premise! Great work!

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Deisanebe Walkthrough

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because they always forget to put a menu with the level numbers.

Nice game! the puzzles are super fun to solve. Graphics and sounds are so nicely done, congrats!

Give a look on te game that me and my friends did it

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This is a pretty neat puzzle game! The death mechanic makes for some interesting puzzles to ponder on. I like that many of the puzzles make you think about the method to get to the solution in different ways. The music was also well done! Overall, I had a good time with this! Great work!

Deleted 271 days ago

Really enjoyed this!  There was some inventive uses of the placement of the dead body and the respawning.  I liked the ending to the story as well.  Great job!

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Fun game and good music

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Really nice game! Interesting mechanics!

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This game is honestly great.The music reminds me when i was young.I loved it

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As NotImplementedLife wrote, this game is really mind-blowing in terms of how much you can rely on yourself. You have better and better game ideas, I'm very happy to see such ideas on gameboy. Finally, a character does not only consist of 3 colors. :)

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Wondering in front of the statue representing you in your previous life, and picking up the work you had sacrificed for in order to make it easier for your next "you" to accomplish your mission. I'm starting to believe that's how actual history is written, too, in a somewhat unbreakable cycle. This initiatic journey teaches you that even a failure is a building block that paves your successful path, and sometimes it's necessary. Your game has become philosophical to a remarkable extent. Congratulations, AAGZ!

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