In order to progress, you need to connect with other robots.

The connection is established when they are in your field of vision.

Your robot doesn't have a diagonal view.

This is a Gameboy game playable in the browser.

With all the limitations that go along with it: resolution, limited sprites...

Press Start (on gameboy) or Enter (Return)(on PC) to restart a level.

You can play the game on this page or in your gameboy (you can download the rom).


How to play

PC :

Move  :  Arrow Keys (or WASD)

Next text : Z (Alt or J)

Skip the level :  X (Ctrl or K)

Restart a level : Enter (Return)

Game Boy :

Move :  D-Pad

Next text : A

Skip the level : Select 

 Restart a level : Start


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Made in 6 days for the "Lost Relic Games - GAME JAM".

Credits :

Making the game (concept, level design, art...) : allalonegamez

Music : sloopygoop

Thanks for playing!

Thank you Gumpyfunction. You helped a lot. You already know you are a pillar of the gameboy scene.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio
Tags8-Bit, game-boy, Game Boy, game-makers-toolkit-jam, gb-studio, gbstudio, logic, Retro, Short, Sokoban


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Connect all the bots (13 levels).gb 256 kB


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Nice music with this little game! Great!

A great thank you. Peace.

I have just tested the game. People have already heavily commented it, so, just a few remarks!

  1. The music reminds me a bit of Alexander Brandon (from UnrealJazz Jackrabbit, Deus Ex, and many more). Maybe a mix between him and chiptune, or a chiptune version of his work. :)
  2. I am not entirely sure I correctly understood the new rule introduced in level 11; out of experimenting, it looks like that when two robots are next to each other and they try moving in alignement, only the one located on the ‘outside’ will move.
    I also notice in level 11 that when a flying robot is located one tile above the very lower-left tile, it will refuse to move up once more (while the other flying robot is dormant). I am unsure if this is linked to the rule or not.
  3. In level 11 (which gave me way more trouble than the previous ones!), I managed to get my robot on the lower-left switch and the other two on the two other switches, but this did not trigger victory.
  4. The same thing happens to me in level 12, where my robot is on the lower-right switch. And X does not allow me to skip this level, so I am stuck! :o Which means I do not get to see levels 13 and 14…

You could surely extend the game with other mechanics, such as different types of other robots (just as the different types of chests in Rewind Time), but there is already potential for complex puzzles/levels, as can be seen here.

Le concept (et la musique !) est chouette et j’aime décidément le style Game Boy. Et puis aussi le contexte science-fiction / technologique. :) Je ne sais pas si tu as prévu de continuer les jeux de puzzle/réflexion ou si tu as envie d’essayer d’autres choses (je me dis moi-même sortir de ma zone de confort !), mais les deux auxquels j’ai joué pour le moment sont vraiment bien, bravo.

I just read the comment you left with the rating. Thank you. It give me a lot of motivation. The music part doesn't come from me but from a talented composer from philly. The bugs from the level 11 & 12 come from the engine (you can skip the levels) . People doesn't notice, but the game is a real gameboy game (with a lot of limitations) ported to be played in the browser. One thing i should have said is : to really play the game like it should be played, do not use the walls to help you move the robots. I only posted half of the game, i didn't have the time to finish the second part who was the most interesting because it had a teleportation system. Thank you for you kind words. I wish you success too.

Great game, I found a bug where if you move too fast after connecting to a bot you move without it.

A great thank you. Sorry for the bug. I can't fix it beause it comes from the engine used. Peace to you.

Great game. I played a few levels on the browser. And i downloaded it to finish it.

A great thank you sir.

Great game. I finished all the levels. (I assume you didn't add a you win screen.) The music is very catchy.

A great thank you for your comment. And kuddos again for your game. You nailed it.

Really cool puzzle game

one level doesnt work tho, the one with five skulls and only one flying bot (one skull acts as a wall, other as nothing and the finish tile doesnt work)

5 starts nonetheless


A great thank you. Sorry for the bug. I thought i would have fixed everything. Peace to you.

I didn't have the pleasure to play it during the jam, but it's a solid game. Simple rules and lot of possibilities. Congratulation !


Un grand merci d'avoir pris le temps de jouer une fois la jam passée. Marty Tram est bon. Je viens aussi de jouer à jasmin ninja et c'est du bon taff. J'ai noté les deux jeux. Chapeau bas pour ton taff de qualité. ps : franchement merci de pourvoir jouer aux sur le web.

Congrats on the win. Good game.

A great thank you sir.


absolutely astoundingly fun

Art 4/5 Puzzle design 4/5 Music 4/5 Theme 5/5

A great thank you.

fun & creative concept 7/10

Good graphics with cool palette 8/10

clever name 10/10

I got stumped on level 3 though! Maybe put an easier but still challenging puzzle before that one

Good advice & thank you for the rating. Peace.

Like the art and the gameplay

Thank you.

Excellent concept and gameplay

Thank you.

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This was a relaxing Gameboy game. I would love to see further development on this game.

Thank you.

A wonderfully complex yet simple game that really makes you think! Also love that you can actually play it on a gameboy if you have the means, super cool!
Love the limited palette and overall mechanics of the game, well done, a very strong entry!

Thank you.

I really like that color palette you used

Thank you sir.

Bravo. Tes concepts de jeux m'épatent à chaque fois.

Un grand merci.

Relaxing and beautiful! Not to mention the cleverness behind the puzzles.  Maybe a level selector menu would be a nice touch to your game, so that if you want to replay a certain level, you won't be forced to make it through every single puzzle until you reach it. Anyways, good piece of homebrew!


A great thank you. I wish you success!!!


Thanks! Same to you!